Live Bands

Rammy logoRammy-


Truly energetic and fun performances of a variety of traditional and contemporary Celtic music as well as Folk/Bluegrass/Country/Pop/Rock’n’Roll…tunes, new and old – familiar and original and some recognizable Gospel tunes for good measure.

The versatility of these programs is largely due to the extended family of musicians that work with Celeste who have performed professionally within many different music genres. Together, they have a collective music acumen of nearly 300 years. Performances can be solo, duet or multiple musicians – whatever suits your event.

One group incorporates fiddle, guitar, keys, drums, bass, vocal harmonies. Celeste plays bodhran (Celtic drum) and other fun percussion and shares vocals with a male lead. All the members enjoy exploring those Celtic roots through music that will have your toes tapping one minute, your body moving to the groove of a rock’n’roll tune the next, or singing along during a familiar folk/pop or gospel tune.

Great for private parties, fairs, pubs or just about anywhere people like to have fun.


Earl Grey Hot logoEarl Grey Hot –

With a collective music acumen of nearly sixty years, founding members Chuck Garner, Celeste Zugec & Derek Moreland have played all styles of music together including Celtic, country and rock as well as the light jazz, standards and pop genres that they perform with Earl Grey.Hot!