The Gospel Concert

The Gospel Concert PosterA one to two-hour “Gaither style” concert, that is fun for the whole family and usually requested for community outreach by churches or other Christian groups.

The Gospel Concert actually began a few years ago when Celeste did a gospel concert tour with friend and fellow gospel singer Harold Wicks. Celeste & Chuck and Harold & Ruth spent a whole month in a van together travelling through Newfoundland on their highly successful Soul Fishin’ on the Rock tour.

Since their return to Ontario, the program, now dubbed simply, The Gospel Concert, has became a popular outreach in Ontario churches, Christian resorts and other venues. Both Celeste & Harold have been involved in prison ministry in Southern Ontario and together they share their stories in word and song of their hilarious times together and God’s powerful work in their lives.

From time to time, the hosting church or organization has its own worship team or musicians that want to participate in The Gospel Concert which then helps to acquaint visitors with the musicians and music style in their own church or organization. If the hosting group’s budget allows, Celeste is also able to hire other very talented and committed Christian musicians to help with this program.

To book The Gospel Concert or request a current itinerary contact